WhatsApp Prime APK Download Latest Version For Android (2022)

A prime example is WhatsApp Prime. It is the only kind of WhatsApp available right now that supports video calls. Now that you’re inquisitive Let’s look at the app’s specifics.

Download WhatsApp Prime APK Latest Version

App NameWhatsApp Prime
Android Requirement4.1 or above
File size64 MB
Last updated1 day ago

The most popular instant messaging app on the internet is GBWhatsAppDownload.Bar. More than a billion people are online actively, therefore it is obvious. The administration of WhatsApp Plus is based in the Facebook headquarters and is making incremental improvements to the original app. But it’s clear that there is a demand for more features and functionalities. Because of this, independent developers can make a living there.

What is WhatsApp Prime?

A customised version of the standard WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp Prime, was created just for Android users. The creators of this software have included some pretty fascinating features for the users that will cause them to forget about the original WhatsApp and never return. It has some additional and amazing features that you will undoubtedly enjoy compared to other apps.


The library offers hundreds of exquisite topics from which to pick. Additionally, you can easily exchange more than 10 HD photographs at once, something that is not feasible with the official WhatsApp app.


The privacy feature of WhatsApp Prime is its worst flaw. The maker of this WhatsApp modification can see both sent and received messages. The security may be impacted by this trend, and developers may view your data. The speed of this software is another another issue you’ll encounter. Everything is slower than official WhatsApp in every way.

WhatsApp Prime APK Features

This premium edition of GBWhatsApp is far more polished and sophisticated than the other widely used WhatsApp applications, offering a straightforward but transparent user interface along with improved brightness and other features. Let’s discover additional qualities that distinguish WhatsApp prime APK as the greatest.

WhatsApp Prime APK Download

Watch Deleted Status – You may view the statuses that the other person has removed using this fantastic feature of WhatsApp premium APK. This implies that if someone uploads a status, you will be able to see it even if they delete it a short while later. This tool offers a high level of openness.

Disable Or Enable Call Option – The WhatsApp prime APK gives you the option to enable or disable the calling features. Everyone can phone you, Will, but other people can only reach you if you enable this calling function for them. This WhatsApp hack therefore offers you the highest level of privacy and secrecy.

Enlarged Video Size – Due to complaints about Whatsapp’s restrictions and poor file-sharing choices, developers have recently enabled larger video sizes to this app. With WhatsApp Prime, you may send videos that are 70MB in size or more.

Improved File Sharing – Now you can freely share your files with this app, including documents, films, images, and much more, without worrying about the quality being affected. Through this programme, you may share more than 300 files at once, all of which will be transmitted effectively and with higher quality.

Preview Before Downloading – When using the WhatsApp Prime version, you are permitted to browse shared files before downloading them. By doing this, you will avoid downloading everything that has been shared with you. Through this app function, you may easily skip the files you don’t need and pick the ones you do.

Auto Data Backup – The anticipated WhatsApp version would also automatically backup your data so you don’t have to remember to do it each time. Your communications, media, and files will all remain with you in this way.

This was in reference to WhatsApp Prime’s features. Let’s talk about the download process now:

How To Download And Install WhatsApp Prime APK

With the aid of the simple methods below, you may download the WhatsApp Prime APK:

  • On this website, a window that says “download WhatsApp Prime APK” is there.
  • To start the download of the WhatsApp Prime app, locate it and push it down.
  • After the download is complete, Select Security Settings from the Setting menu on your mobile device.
  • Choose “Allow Access to Unknown Sources” or provide access to the WhatsApp Prime version.
  • Open the WhatsApp Prime file by looking for it in your downloads folder.
  • When it appears, click on the install WhatsApp Prime apk version option.
  • Congratulations! It’s been downloaded already!


Do I have to root my phone for WhatsApp Prime APK download?

No, rooting your smart devices is not required in order to obtain the WhatsApp Prime APK. Get this software immediately from our website without having to meet this criteria by downloading it for free!

Is WhatsApp Prime APK safe to use?

Yes, using WhatsApp Prime APK is completely secure. This app’s creators make it absolutely safe to use.

How do I know what status someone deleted from Whatsapp?

Through the WhatsApp Prime APK, you may discover the status updates that your friends or family members posted but afterwards erased. Get this programme from this website so that you may check even erased statuses.

How do I send a large file of 70MBs on Whatsapp?

Using WhatsApp’s primes version, you may transmit files up to 700 MB in size. Large-sized media may be shared effectively and conveniently with this app version.

Final Verdict

The various benefits that WhatsApp Prime APK offers are yours to enjoy. Through it, you may have a wonderful and seamless chat experience with your pals. Additionally, you will be able to exchange images and audio memos. If you don’t feel like texting, you may also leave an audio message, among other options, on the premium WhatsApp.

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