PUBG Mobile Mod Apk 2.1.5 Download Latest Version For Android (2023)

One of the best video games available right now is PUBG. There are millions of avid players there who enjoy playing online games alone or with their friends. You are able to gather your friends and compete as a team or in a private event with hundreds of other participants. Yet it only has access to a small number of skins and has some restricted resources. All the limitless resources you could ever want are available in the PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

Download PUBG Mobile Mod Apk Latest Version

App NamePUBG Mobile Apk
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
App size95.3 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of PUBG Mobile Apk wth the Extra Features
Last Updated1 min ago

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You might have a whole different experience from the same game you’ve been playing for a while thanks to PUBG Mobile Mod APK. To stand out in the game, you may unlock all the characters, symbols, and skins. You should be aware of many more of its wonderful characteristics, all of which we have listed below.

Info About PUBG Mobile Mod APK

An unauthorised version of the game, PUBG Mobile Mod Apk, has all the unlocked features and additional changes. Instead of playing the original game, install this mod to take use of the additional maps and limitless resources.

You may give this mod to your friends. It was created for Android smartphones. You can all work together to attack other teams as a team. As it is an anti-ban version, you won’t need to be concerned about the servers banning you. Play to your heart’s content while shocking your pals with your unbreakable health and lethal aim headshots.

PUBG Mobile Apk Game Modes Info

Solo, pair, or team play are just a few of the numerous game options available. If you play with pals, you can even communicate with them by talking into the microphone on your smartphone. Fire your weapon as much as you like! Be a lone wolf or join a Clan and respond to the calls for assistance made by colleagues. Many vehicles suit the game’s various terrains and a large selection of realistic weaponry. Select the right vehicle and accessories to help you glide to the finish line. New gaming types and features keep PUBG MOBILE evolving and improving.

Pubg Mobile Mod APK Awesome Features

It’s difficult to enumerate all the wonderful features in this PUBG Mobile Mod Apk, so take a look at a few highlights that you could find amazing instead.

Unrestricted Health – In the game, you can have infinite health and invincibility. You cannot be killed by explosives or bullets.

New Maps – HUGE BATTLE MAPS Compete on these vast and intricate battlefields, which span Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. Discover the secrets of each battlefield, which ranges from urban cityscapes to icy tundra to dense rainforests and varies in size, geography, day/night cycles, and dynamic weather, to develop your own winning strategy.

Infinite Money – You can receive an endless supply of UC Currency and resources from the UC Store, which can be used to buy new skins and weaponry.

Opened Characters – The character can be unlocked immediately; levels are not required. Every character and skin has previously been unlocked. As soon as you have made the payment, equip it for your game.

unlockable skins – Use distinctive clothes to alter the appearance of your character or weapon. You have access to all of the premium skins.

Unlock the Treasure Box – You have unlimited access to the Treasury’s boxes. There is no need to purchase each box separately or wait for a 24-hour period.

Mode Royal Pass – In this game version, the perk you receive after purchasing the Royal Pass is now totally free. You get access to each and every perk.

Anti Ban Game Mod – There is no concern of being prohibited by the authorities. As it is built on an anti-ban server, both your account and all of your data and gaming history are protected.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK: Why Use It?

As you are aware, it is a modified version and has all the expensive premium features included in the original game. However you may get all the advantages for free if you install our PUBG Mobile Mod APK. It also has several other skills aside from this. We advise you to try out this game version and see for yourself because of this.

Benefits of PUBG Game Mod

Play with Friends – You may play the game with your pals individually, as a group, or ask them to join you in a 100-player tournament room.

Free ammunition – When the ammo is out, you don’t need to replenish it. Your guns will automatically be loaded with endless ammunition in the game.


Few errors – The game may have minor bugs in select areas, but the most of it is bug-free.

Fresh patches – To get the new features, you must upgrade the game every month. You may also submit your thoughts to the developer using the contact us thread.

How do I install the PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

Use our instructions to install the game on your device. Because it’s a lengthy procedure, be certain of each step.

  • Extract the package into a folder after downloading it from above link.
  • You’ll receive an OBB folder and an app file.
  • Install the game by clicking the apk.
  • The game must be opened after installation, which won’t take long.
  • This will provide a folder where the game’s data may be kept.
  • The OBB file has to be transferred from the package folder to the new location at this point.
  • The new folder is located in the following place: Android > File Management > Obb. copying the folder.
  • That’s all; the game is now playable and operating more efficiently than before.

Final Verdict

The PUBG Mobile Mod APK should have been fun for you guys, we hope. Please leave your thoughts in the space provided below if we missed something or if you have anything you would want us to highlight. We look forward to hearing from you and will make every effort to help.

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