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The most recent version of OGWhatsApp Pro for Android is now simple to download and install. WhatsApp, undoubtedly the top app on the list for Android, is one of the most widely used apps. The most popular social messaging app, GBWhatsAppDownload.bar, enables users to make free phone and video conversations, exchange text messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and documents in many file types.

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Even though WhatsApp Plus is widely used and well regarded throughout the world, there are still a number of issues that users wish were fixed and ways they might personalise and enhance their usage. Even while WhatsApp frequently introduces new features and capabilities, not everyone is satisfied. The patched versions of WhatsApp have saved the day for all of those users. The modified versions of WhatsApp are not created by the company’s official developers; instead, they are produced by independent creators who alter the original application to add a number of cutting-edge and novel features.

OGWhatsApp Pro Features

Millions of users have downloaded and installed OGWhatsApp Pro since it was first released because they are so enthralled by the amazing features of this mod version. If you’ve only ever used WhatsApp’s official version, you need to give this mod a try because you’ll probably like it.

OGWhatsApp Pro APK Download

Here, we go over some OGWhatsApp Pro features that will make your usage more pleasurable, unique, and interesting:

1. Make use of two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone.

2. Right there on the chat window, change the colour and background of the unread message counter.

3- OGWhatsApp Pro offers three design tweaks to let you customise how you use it.

4. Make contacts more unique by choosing specific font colours for the name, unread message, and status.

5. Use discussion to show off your image both inside and outdoors

6- Use a call blocker tool to restrict who may call you.

7- Use simple customization features to hide or show status.

8 – Use a fingerprint lock to now restrict reading of conversations.

9- Make additional privacy provisions for contacts, groups, and broadcasts.

10- You may send up to 100 photos to a contact at once.

11- Set a backdrop picture with ease.

12- Compose a status in no more than 250 words.

13- and a tonne of other incredible features.

Exclusive Features Of OGWhatsapp

As we’ve already covered, OGWhatsapp offers a tonne of customization options as well as other privacy features. Even while certain functions in the app may not be beneficial to everyone, there are still many other ones that are. Download GB Whatsapp latest version to get all the features plus enhanced security. Here is a brief summary of the features that are currently offered.

Anti Ban APK: If you’ve been using the modified versions of WhatsApp, you may be familiar with the agony of being banned. Officials of WhatsApp always keep a watch on the modified versions of the programme, and they ban users who use these third-party WhatsApp Mod APKs. OGWhatsapp’s engineers have addressed the Ban issue in the most recent version, so you won’t have to worry about it. Use the app without hesitation now. New features are being added to this programme with each update, and it is safe to use and totally free.

Pre-built Message Scheduler: Recently, this function was added to the OGWhastapp, and people adore it. Someone to whom we wish to convey messages and greetings at a specific moment often goes unnoticed because we simply forget to initiate a chat. Pre-built message scheduler, a feature that automatically sends messages at predetermined times, was added by developers to address this issue. Simply setting the message text, the time, and the recipient contact will cause a specific message to be sent automatically.Without your intervention, OGWhastapp will automatically send the message to the contact. Here, your phone must have WiFi or a data connection activated in order to send the message. Simply put, this feature makes life simpler for us, allowing us to focus more easily on our work.

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers: In the standard Whatsapp programme, we must store a contact’s number in order to message them or to call them and have a chat. We don’t have to go through the procedure of adding the contact number to our phone; instead, we can just dial the number immediately. When we need to call someone right away and don’t want to save any unwanted numbers to our phone, OGWhastapp’s feature is helpful.

Inbuilt Status Download Feature: Beyond only communicating and exchanging rumours, we frequently use WhatsApp to update our status. We become even more bonded to our loved ones thanks to this function. However, we cannot just download someone’s status to our phone straight through the official Whatsapp app. And we frequently ask them to transmit, which takes a lot of time and is really pointless. Instead, you can use OGWhastapp to download the WhatsApp status and stories that your friends and family members share.

Increased Characters For Written Status: You may only enter up to 130 characters in your written status in the official version. However, the most recent version of OGWhatsapp gives you the option of up to 250 words. This is useful when the size is just too vast and we need to insert lengthy quotations or written status. Such features are in the works and will alter how you use WhatsApp. So, to experience the benefits, download OGWhatsapp right away.

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters: WhatsApp’s group chat is its most prominent feature. When all of our pals are online and group chatting, we like it the best since the conversation lasts for hours. The official WhatsApp version, however, only allows us to use 25 characters when naming a group; this severely restricts our ability to be creative. However, the most recent version of OGWhatsApp gives you 10+ extra characters. Therefore, keep your group name outrageous, customized, and limited to 35 characters.

Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard: You have the option to copy anyone’s written status to your clipboard using this tool. We are all aware that we cannot simply copy someone else’s status and paste it somewhere else. With the most recent version of OGWhatsApp, we can instantly and simply replicate other people’s statuses. This is a fantastic time-saving feature that the OGWhatsapp has recently incorporated. Other fantastic features that are absent from the official version will be available soon.

Block specific contact’s call: This function might be useful if someone is phoning you often on WhatsApp and you don’t want to block them. Simply disabling the call reception option in a contact’s settings will do the trick. OGWhastapp always aims to provide its users with such awesome features for no cost; download now to learn more about such features.

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time: This is a very important feature of the OGWhastapp because there are times when we need to send multiple images to someone urgently, but the original version only allows for the sending of 10 images at once, which is annoying and time-consuming. I once had a situation where I needed to send 50 photographs to a recipient but WhatsApp only allowed me to send 10 at once. To save time and enhance the WhatsApp experience, download OGWhastapp and make use of this feature.

Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker: Since the advent of WhatsApp, we have been looking for a reliable app locker from the Play Store. This is due to the absence of an internal lock feature in the official Whatsapp version and the unfortunate lack of any third-party app lockers that offer a reliable security lock for WhatsApp. Although some may offer a trustworthy locking feature, the presence of unwanted Ads on the lock screen simply ruins the experience.

Final Verdict

The OGWhatsapp new version may be used for a variety of requirements and goals by various people. You may learn more about the OG Whatsapp + upgrade and its features by reading the information and FAQ. Although it differs from the official version, it is unquestionably an improvement. With OGWhatsapp, your experience will be lot better than with regular Whatsapp. By simply clicking on the download links below, you may start enjoying these fantastic features by downloading the OGWhatsapp APK. On this website, keep downloading “OGMods WhatsApp.”

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