GTA San Andreas Apk v2.10 Download Latest Version (2023)

One of the most popular video games in the world is GTA San Andreas Apk, which Rockstar productions created in 2004. Initially, this was primarily designed for the Playstation 2 and Xbox, however you can now play on an Android tablet. In the action and role-playing game GTA San Andreas Apk, you may move and act just as you would in real life.

The protagonist of GTA San Andreas Apk is a man named CJ (Carl Johnson), who just got out of prison. In a gang conflict, most of his family members perished. Now that all of his family members have passed away, CJ and his brother Sweet seek to get revenge. CJ’s childhood mates OG Loc, Big Smoke, and Ryder are also significant characters in this game.

Download GTA San Andreas Apk Latest Version

App NameGTA San Andreas Apk
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
CategoryRole Playing
App size60 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of GTA San Andreas with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 min ago

Other game features include auto racing, shooting, gang fights, and a variety of mini-games and objectives. There are many different types of vehicles, such as bicycles, motorbikes, automobiles, buses, trains, helicopters, and jets, among many more. You are free to do whatever you like in the game and just wander around the app. In this mission mode, CJ seeks retribution for the passing of his mother.

This game has over 200 vehicles and over 100 weapons. With the use of cheat codes, you may also summon weaponry in this game. As in real life, you may have relationships in this game as well. There are also places to engage in basic behaviours like eating and finding a barber or clothes store. The rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips in the 1990s in America served as the primary inspiration for this game.

GTA San Andreas Apk Awesome Features

One of the most well-known games to have been released in 2004, GTA San Andreas Apk has been played all over the world. Although the game is compact, it has a tremendous quantity of intricate information and minigames, setting it apart from other open-world games. Here are some facts regarding GTA San Andreas’ features:

Missions – The Missions is based on the tale of Carl Johnson and the city of Los Santos. With the expedition, CJ identified the primary suspect in the deaths of his mother and sibling. There are several missions where CJ travels to another city and charms the locals into helping him become a kingpin.

Storyline – San Andreas is where the game begins, and there you will locate a bicycle that is plainly important to the quest. The map is located in the upper right hand corner. The toggle button is located in the bottom left corner and may be used to perform actions like running and walking. The action buttons are located in the bottom right corner.

Graphics – The majority of GTA San Andreas’ visuals are in three dimensions. In-game, where you can see every fine detail, like blood oozing out of gunshot wounds and tyre tracks left by racing, demonstrates the complexity of the visuals.

Weapons – In this game, you may find all different kinds of weapons and armoured vehicles. This game has tanks and fighter planes, which are often seen around army base regions. There are many different types of weapons, including knives, sticks, machine guns, SMGS, and grenades.

Vehicles – The hijacking of automobiles is the basis for the game’s moniker, Grand Theft Auto. In this game, there are 212 automobiles of different kinds. Moreover, you may add nitrous to your vehicle to make it faster.

Little Games – In GTA, there are several minigames to choose from, like pool, basketball, and bouncing low riders. Boxing games and training are also options. In GTA San Andreas, there is a gym that improves your appearance.

Final Verdict

The GTA San Andreas App is centred on the American cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Los Angeles. In these cities, you may walk about, steal cars, complete tasks, ride on various sorts of vehicles, engage in street combat, and much more. You may experience the American gang culture of the 1920s and join gangs to complete quests. Play the finest open-world action game for free on your mobile device by downloading GTA San Andreas Apk.

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