GB Whatsapp APK 21.00 Download Latest Version For Android (2023)

GB Whatsapp APK 21.00 – Given that WhatsApp is the most widely used communication app, you must all be familiar with it. WhatsApp keeps you covered whenever you want to call or message your loved ones anywhere in the world for nothing. The easiest app to use for communicating with individuals around the world is this one.

The ability to transmit media files to other contacts, create groups, hold conference calls, publish status updates, and track location are just a few of the other intriguing features of WhatsApp. These are some of the features of a typical WhatsApp account, but the GB WhatsApp APK 21.00 offers so much more.

Download GB Whatsapp APK 21.00 Latest Version

App NameGB WhatsApp APK 21.00
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
App size68.9 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 min ago

The customised version of WhatsApp, known as GB WhatsApp  APK 21.00, offers better privacy features and a few other added features that seem like a lot of fun to users. Many have longed in secret for so many new features to be included in WhatsApp. More privacy, a better user experience, and a tone more entertainment are all made possible by these added features.

Do you want to know what makes WhatsApp GB APK 21.00 so unique compared to the standard WhatsApp? Well, you have to browse through a lengthy list of characteristics in order to understand about it. Let’s examine all the information regarding this customised version of WhatsApp that has been presented in this post.

What is WhatsApp APK

The most well-known messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, requires a strong internet connection and your unique cell phone number to function. Once WhatsApp is loaded on your phone, you may share messages, media files, locations, and much more to anyone all over the world for free. It is a suitable messaging app for communicating with friends, family, coworkers, and business partners.

The fact that it has so many uses is what makes people appreciate using this app. You may also post your status updates so that your pals can see what you’ve been up to recently or what’s been going on with you lately. Also, you may share films, stickers, and photographs with your loved ones. It functions without cost and never calls for in-app purchases. All functions are available, guaranteeing the consumers’ total safety.

What is GB WhatsApp APK 21.00

The customized version of WhatsApp, known as GB WhatsApp APK 21.00, is far more unique and has a lot of promise. Other capabilities include concealing the last seen, sending more than 30 photographs, transmitting files up to 50 MB in size, increasing the number of characters in the status narrative text, and much more.

It is commonly known that GB WhatsApp APK 21.00 offers additional value, and it does so without cost. There are a tone of features that this app offers that are free but are not available in the standard WhatsApp. How do you utilize this version in a corporate setting? You should read this post to find out more about WhatsApp GB’s advantages and why it is so successful.

Call for nothing – It is obvious that you can make free calls with GB WhatsApp because this is what the functionality specifically states. You may make hundreds of calls per day without using your own credit or anything else; it is the main feature of this app. If you have a strong internet connection, you can make free calls.

Send e-mails – Sending messages to other WhatsApp users is likewise free and hassle-free. You may send them as many and as many messages as you like with this software. Everything is free and limitless, so use it as much as you wish. There are no restrictions or limits on how many messages you may send each day.

Organize conference calls – We are aware of how crucial conference calls are from a business standpoint. To discuss other upcoming initiatives or to share firm success, a number of employees and the manager must communicate. The apps that charge you to make conference calls are not available for purchase. Because to this, the GB WhatsApp 21.00 app includes a fantastic feature that allows for free conference calling.

You can include as many persons as you like in the list before beginning the call. There is no time limit on how long the call may last; you can go on for hours. To make the calls, which are free and currently support a number of participants, all you need is a strong internet connection. Students, coworkers, or team members may all utilize this function to communicate with one another in a group setting.

Share over 30 pictures – More than 30 photographs may now be shared with a contact at once. A standard WhatsApp account only allows you to send 30 photographs at a time, but GB WhatsApp apk 21.00 allows you to send an infinite number of photos to every contact at once. Sending more photographs to a single user used to be problematic in the past, but that issue has been resolved.

Submit 50 MB-sized videos – More than 50 MB-sized movies can also be sent. Only movies up to 25 MB in size could be transferred to other users using the previous WhatsApp since it was not feasible to send larger films.

Share the address – With GB WhatsApp Apk 21.00, you can now share your current location with other contacts. You may accomplish that by sharing your phone’s location from within WhatsApp utilizing a function that allows you to do so. You can use this to convey your location to family members for their protection or to a person who is attempting to get in touch with you personally. This function is available to anybody looking for your address, and it will help them find you as quickly as possible thanks to WhatsApp’s direct location tool.

Include extra characters in the story – You must be posting varied photos, videos, and even texts as status updates. A whole new level of ease was provided for them by GB WhatsApp Apk 21.00 since many individuals used to lament how messages are inadequate to convey the problem. Longer paragraphs and an infinite number of characters are now allowed in tales.

You may expand on your tale and adequately explain it using this tool. If you try to describe an occurrence in your status narrative using characters, the limit won’t be reached. There will be sufficient room and characters for you to tell your story to your acquaintances.

Add additional people to the group – There used to be a cap on the number of individuals you could add to a WhatsApp group, but that restriction has been removed and you may now add additional members. There is a cap on how many people you may add to a group in order to maintain a large circle. There are certain groups where adding additional members is necessary, yet historically, this limit prevented everyone from joining. You may now add as many individuals as you wish to the WhatsApp groups because it has been delayed.

Hide last seen – You may easily hide the stalkers from your last saw if you’re sick and tired of them. After you conceal it from them, they won’t be able to view your last seen. They wouldn’t be able to see anything, and you may avoid sharing your WhatsApp activity status with others in this method.

Status story hidden – With WhatsApp, you can also choose which individuals see your status story. If there are some contacts you don’t want to read your status story, just open the preferences and block their access. No matter what you put on them, people won’t be able to view your story.

Story view hidden – There is a specific function for this activity as well if you are browsing someone’s story but don’t want them to know. You may open the settings for concealing the narrative view by going to your settings. You may then check the status narrative of any contact in your contacts after completing the process. Your goal will be achieved since they will never be able to tell you have seen their status update.

See just images and videos once – Also, a new feature allows you to share films and photographs with your contacts while only allowing them to see them once. When people have finished viewing it, they won’t be able to access it again because the media will have expired by that point. When dealing with folks that you don’t want to store your belongings for, this option is ideal. They will only be able to view it once before it is immediately erased.

vanishing messages – The number of new messages you receive or send to any contact might be limited. Every contact has a separate configuration, which you may customize to your needs. The communications you send to anyone using this function will be automatically removed after the predetermined amount of time. You may be even safer and more secure in this way, and after your communications are gone, no one will be able to access them.

routine updates – The creators of this app frequently update it so you can take advantage of the newest features. It is always a good idea to update your software on schedule because fresh upgrades often include new features. You will benefit from the most recent upgrades, new features, and bug fixes for a better user experience by doing this.

Anti-ban function – You may simply continue using this modified version of WhatsApp thanks to the anti-ban mechanism of this app. Without anti-ban capabilities, mod apps frequently get banned, rendering their users unable to utilize them. You may continue using GB WhatsApp Apk 21.00 without fear of being first banned by the creators thanks to its anti-ban function.

Free – As this app doesn’t take payments, downloading it is likewise free. As you can see, there is no cost associated with using any of the premium features. Only websites that offer the secure GB WhatsApp APK file may download WhatsApp GB for free. Simply download the app to access all of its features, which are completely free.

Safer – This WhatsApp version is said to be significantly safer than the standard one. You obtain more privacy and defence against all viruses and other security risks. With this app, your private information and communications remain protected, allowing you to carry on secure chats.

Key Benefits

  • more protected
  • more privacy Send up to 50 MB of films and more than 30 photographs
  • More individuals should join the WhatsApp group.
  • Usage for professional reasons.
  • Expand the cast of the status tale.
  • Frequent updates are free
  • Anti-ban


Why can’t GB WhatsApp APK 21.00 be banned?

Since GB WhatsApp Apk 21.00 contains an anti-ban function to keep it secure and the user from becoming banned while using the app, it cannot be blocked.

Q. What corporate objectives may GB WhatsApp Apk achieve?

To accomplish your business goals, you may effortlessly conduct conference calls and meetings on GB WhatsApp Apk, interact with your clients and merchants, share your location, and more.

Final Verdict

If you’re seeking for entertainment, business, and time pass, GB WhatsApp Apk 21.00 seems like a full solution for you. It is the ideal application for staying in touch with your loved ones around-the-clock and communicating with them. Hence, maintain a strong internet connection when we download GB Whatsapp for the finest user experience ever.

Just download this app, and don’t forget to leave us a remark with your sincere opinion. We always look forward to hearing from our regular readers comment.

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