GBWhatsApp the most ideal mod for those who desire to utilise two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone. It is an improved and customised mod of the original WhatsApp. Based on the WhatsApp Plus mod, which was dropped by WhatsApp’s developers when they simplified WhatsApp, this modification is based on WhatsApp.

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You may install GB WhatsApp Download side by side with the regular WhatsApp without it interfering in any way, which is a benefit. The two most noteworthy features that you will notice right away are the option to lock each individual chat and the ability to modify your voice while sending voice notes using this modified version of WhatsApp.

Download GB Whatsapp APK Latest Version

App NameGB WhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
App size68.9 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 min ago

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In the event that the original Whatsapp is blocked, this version of the programme is the best choice. The only notification for accounts that are suspended is this brief one: “Your phone number is suspended from using WhatsApp. However, GBWhatsapp Apk provides a workaround for the Whatsapp prohibition.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp APK Download

GB WhatsApp utilises the same licence and protocol as WhatsApp and has a modified user interface for new capabilities. Simply put, this mod provides practically everything, including audio, video, and chat. You may share your current location, files, contacts, and media files with the mod as well.

Once installed, the GB WhatsApp may be used as a stand-alone chat app with a new phone number. There are numerous features and ongoing improvements in GBWhatsApp. Additionally, it has a lot of fresh themes and a better privacy policy.

This programme allows you to access Whatsapp’s secret features. The ideal app for using two distinct accounts on one smartphone. In addition to sending bigger video files and more than 90 photographs at once as opposed to just 10 pictures on WhatsApp, you may also hide your online status.

GB WhatsApp Features and 2022 update

The most recent Modded APK for this modified messenger provides a variety of unique features. GB WhatsApp had a new base upgrade in 2022. Additionally, its mod received an anti-ban upgrade. The popularity of dark themes in 2022 led to the addition of 1 to this app. Additionally, you may now design, use, and share your own unique Whatsapp themes.

In the new GB Whatsapp, users may now conceal the recording status and alter the tick styles to match their own theme. Because this app’s core value is customization, you can alter the notification-bar icon.

Due to the fact that AlexMods is an independent developer, this app has the Anti-Ban functionality, making it Ban Proof. It functions flawlessly on common phones and doesn’t require root access. However, you may always use the Root Checker software to see if your phone is rooted.

You can block and unblock folks to prevent calls from certain people. Additionally, alter tick styles as you see fit. Easily By modifying the settings in the Privacy Options, you can hide your most recent sighting. You can add a seven-minute video status and hide your writing status.

Additionally, you may alter the settings for the second tick and Hide double tick. Additionally, the other individual won’t even be aware that you did this. In the standard Whatsapp, you must apply any changes you make to yourself as well. However, the beauty of GB Whatsapp is that you only need to make changes in one direction while still having fun.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version

  • You may share an infinite number of photos and videos.
  • Please invite your friends to your events.
  • Activate all Locked Features and Update Your Falling In Your Status
  • A Simple Way to Contact Your Friends This is a Platform for Entertainment

Privacy and Customization in GB Whatsapp

You can choose to change your status’ privacy to only yourself or your contacts in the most recent update. Alternatively, you may restrict who can see your status to. This function is exclusive to GB Whatsapp. You may choose to stop getting calls from certain people or from everyone.

Now let’s discuss about the entertaining aspects of GB WhatsApp, like zooming in on your contacts’ profile images. Simply take a picture and zoom in. Additionally, if one of your friends changes their Whatsapp profile picture, you will be notified. Additionally, you can download and open anyone’s copy of their status to copy it.

To manage all of your accounts in one app, GBWA enables dual/multiple accounts. English, Spanish, and Chinese are among the list of available languages that you can select from.

Please be aware that since GB WhatsApp is unofficial and does not provide encryption, we do not advise using it. The usage of these applications is now expressly discouraged by WhatsApp Inc.

You may apply custom themes and change the messenger’s themes. Along with a variety of GB WhatsApp themes, it also provides a dark mode and an integrated emoji changer. Along with the ability to change the call screen for your calls, customizations include the ability to change missed call icons, which is very useful if you use GB Whatsapp for covert purposes.

All of these features might seem entertaining, but keep in mind that this Whatsapp version is significantly modded and less secure than the official version. This version has been taken down from the Google Play Store because it poses the serious privacy risk described in this article.

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Features

People download GB WhatsApp APK specifically for its cutting-edge features. Users are drawn to GB WhatsApp Pro Apk by its numerous cutting-edge features. You may be shocked to learn that the GB WhatsApp APK is not created by the official WhatsApp. However, now that we are aware of its features, we can use GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version.

  • Auto Reply is one of the most fantastic features of GB WhatsApp 2023, allowing users to effortlessly auto-reply to their pals.
  • Users of WhatsApp GP Pro Apk may benefit from DND, or Do Not Disturb.
  • GB WhatsApp New Version Apk allows you to share real-time whereabouts with anybody.
  • You may apply several sorts of effects to photographs and videos with the WhatsApp GB APK.
  • You may share and download the highest quality photographs with GB Whats App Pro.
  • With GB WhatsApp 2023, you may transmit and download huge files.
  • Following the GB WhatsApp Update, the developer has added some additional cutting-edge features that you can use.

GB Whatsapp All Latest Version For Android and IOS X Apk Detail 2023

GBWhatsApp V14.10 Latest Version By Sam Mods – GBWA V14.10 Is An Anti ban Mod Its Based On WhatsApp. The original WA was modified to become GBWA. This makes the entire app and this Sam Mods mod Antiban. The greatest WhatsApp for those who were tired of using Official and other apps Only Sam Mods’ Modded WhatsApp Offers an Antiban Mod.

GB WhatsApp By XDA developer – XDA was the first GB WhatsApp developer. The team behind this hack wanted to provide users access to functionality that belonged in the original WhatsApp. After seeing great success, the WhatsApp developers decided to stop supporting this mod when they updated WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp v19.41.1 By HeyMods – Following the popularity of the XDA-developed mod, HeyMods produced their own GB WhatsApp. The functions that one needs in a messaging app are all there in this mod. This is the reason why the mod quickly gained popularity and is still in wide usage today.

GB Whatsapp Pro by Alexmods – AlexMods’ GBWhatsApp Pro was released after discovering some issues with the modifications from XDA and Heymods. All of the flaws and mistakes have been solved by this patch. The creators of this mod did their best to provide users with all the tools and features that will be extremely useful to them when speaking.

GB Whatsapp Plus by WAMods – This GBWA version, which contains GB WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Prime, and YOWA, was produced by outside parties and is known as WhatsApp MOD. GBWA was created by a third party, and WhatsApp disables accounts of users who are found to be using this version of the messaging app since it is against WhatsApp’s terms of service.

While many customers are benefiting well from GBWA +, many more are claiming that their accounts are being restricted. The current updated version of WhatsApp Plus, known as “GBWhatsApp Plus,” was created by the developers in response to this problem and incorporates features that are so fantastic that I feel I cannot even begin to list all of their benefits.

GB Whatsapp Prime – A customised version of the official WhatsApp that was created especially for Android users is known as GB Whatsapp Prime. The creators of this programme have given the users some pretty fascinating features that will cause them to forget about the original WhatsApp and never use it again. It includes some extra and incredible features that you will absolutely adore compared to other apps.

GB IOS X Apk – An Android version of WhatsApp called GB IOS X Apk (also known as GBWhatsApp iOS X Apk) was created to simulate how the messaging service appears on Apple devices. With a graphical user interface identical to your iOS version, StefanoYG created this WhatsApp hack.

Installation Guide

The GB WhatsApp MOD version is not available on Google Play or the Play Store, therefore you must get it from our website and manually install it. You may use this installation tutorial to learn how to install GB WhatsApp on your Android or smartphone.

You might need to enable “Unknown sources” in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources before you can install a GB WhatsApp APK download MOD file onto your Android or smartphone. then take these actions.

By selecting the download button, you can download the most recent version of GB Whatsapp APK from our website. Once the APK file has been downloaded, click it and then select “install.”

The installation process requires some time. According to the smartphone. Open it and enjoy the GB WhatsApp MOD once it has been completed successfully.

GB WhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) 2023 FAQ

How can I download original WhatsApp GB?

To download GB WhatsApp APK, open your mobile browser and type Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk. Then, enter any URL to access the app’s download page.

How do I update WhatsApp GB APK?

You must uninstall the previous version of the app before downloading and installing the updated GB WhatsApp APK.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp APK?

This WhatsApp was created by a third party and is not an official version of WhatsApp. So it’s safe to say that using GB WhatsApp APK is not secure.

Final Verdict

Overall, one of the greatest MOD versions of WhatsApp is “GB WhatsApp” From this website, download it. We offer the most recent updates for GB WhatsApp and other WA MODs. We seldom advise using your primary account or mobile phone in MOD WhatsApp before downloading GB WhatsApp. For the most recent GB WhatsApp official mods, keep checking out the website where you can download the app.